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May death have me on the Battlefield - Twilight Zone - Onirical Inheritance

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  1. This is a world of truth; a world that's abused. It's a world of the used; a world of the confused. It's a world of rules; a world that cries. This is the world .
  2. "Death Ship" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone, based on a short story with the same title by Richard Matheson. The story was inspired by the legend of the Flying Dutchman. In this episode, a spaceship crew discovers a wrecked replica of their ship with their own dead bodies inside. "Directed by: Don Medford.
  3. The war had ended. Leylin, who had returned from the battlefield, was now leisurely drinking some coffee. With a thought, he accepted the scenes that the A.I. Chip transmitted to him. “Baelin truly is Twilight Zone’s child of destiny, but Longbottom is really surprising me ”.
  4. A Brexit Sampler, May 23, ‘Bombshell’ News for Joe Biden From Australia, May 19, Does Horse Racing Really Need Jockeys?, May 19, Getting To Know Senator Sanders, in His Own Words, May 19, A Statue for Sojourner Truth, May 18, Could Brexit Party Join With Tories To Save Britain?, May 17, Mayor Ocasio-Cortez.
  5. Sticker on CD, with logo, title, handwritten single copy number and a band's photo. Recording information: Recorded and mixed at Pool Jazz Club Recording Studios on 15th and 20th of May .
  6. Like The Twilight Zone, The Ed Sullivan Show aired on CBS. The phrase "really big shew" is also used by Caesar in " Caesar and Me ". In " Caesar and Me ", Caesar's name is a reference to Caesar Enrico "Rico" Bandello, the gangster titular character of Little Caesar.
  7. “Onirical Inheritance” è il titolo del nuovo demo dei Twilight Zone, formazione toscana che già era passata sulle pagine di EUTK un annetto fa, in occasione di “Steel Alive”. Quel demo era però stato registrato interamente dal vivo, in occasione del concorso a cui avevano partecipato all'epoca i quattro musicisti italiani.
  8. Veramente una graditissima sorpresa questo “Onirical Inheritance”, stupendo demo degli ormai rodati Twilight Zone, band toscana con alle spalle un lungo passato fatto di demotape e dischi autoprodotti, senza (e non certo per demerito!) ottenere l’attenzione che gli sarebbe d’obbligo/

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